Pumpkins Eve and Pumpkins on the Pier

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt -
$20/Scavenger Hunt Card

The pumpkins on the loose this year and are hiding all over the City of Milford. This small city with a big heart has an important job to do - we can get all the pumpkins back to the Pier for the 10th anniversary (Pumpkins on the Pier 2021). MORE INFO This is a great opportunity to go on a pumpkin hunt throughout Milford to solve the clues.

Purchase a $20 Scavenger Hunt Card and you are on your way to a fun adventure that will help us solve the mystery. Once you complete your Scavenger Hunt Card, drop it in the Pumpkin Mailbox at the Boys & Girls Club. Completed Scavenger Hunt Cards need to be received by October 31 will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card!